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ConnectedSafety+ provides 24/7 fire system monitoring for service & maintenance, views critical alarms, provides tools for digitally optimized inspections and resolves issues before they negatively impact occupants’ experience:

  • Proactive view of system issues across your portfolio
  • Real-time reports & analytics for connected asset health
  • Predictive maintenance analytics
  • Connected inspections exceeding compliance requirements reducing overall inspection time & cost


New EST3 to EST4 Migration Training

Edwards Learning Center is proud to offer a new EST3 to EST4 Migration training course. This comprehensive three-day instructor-led course covers all details needed to successfully and efficiently migrate an existing EST3 system to EST4. Topics include: Evaluate EST3 Hardware compatibility; Prepare EST3 3-SDU objects for migration; Export audio files; Create reports for all EST3 components to include labels and messages; Import the EST3 3-SDU project into the EST4 4-CU; Configure Project Tree structure; Assign devices to branches; Add devices omitted during migration; Configure EST4 audio; Create Rulescripts and write EST4 rules.

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

New Service Business Development Training

The Service Business Development is a 2-day Virtual Instructor-Led (8 hours total) designed for our customers interested in starting or improving their service revenue business. Led by industry veteran Victor McGrew, whose 30 years of experience provides valuable insight into industry sales and personal growth of the professional salesperson, this workshop explores strategies, tactics, and skills to empower the service salesperson with a focus on long term growth and increased profit margins. This webinar is interactive, and participants will be tested and reviewed throughout the class


This program provides in-depth, digitally-aware skills to help drive your prospecting – and, just as importantly, to gain the commitment of your sales teams to do it. It covers the who, what, when, where, why and how of prospecting, and leverages social, digital and behavioral skills for inbound and outbound lead generating. Ultimately, attendees practice connecting with Centres of Receptivity within target companies who can validate their hypothesis and identify problem owners.


Edwards Learning Center in partnership with Imparta is pleased to offer the Core Selling Skills sales course for your professional sales team. This program focuses on the mindset and essential skills for customer-centric selling. Great salespeople earn trust by tuning into the customer, bringing insight to their issues, and suggesting the right potential solutions. They don’t talk about value; they create it from the customer’s point of view.

EST3 & EST4 Component orientation for Sales

Both the EST3 and EST4 Component orientation for Sales eLearning courses offer an overview of system hardware and Signature Series components. Modules in this course will describe cabinet and doors options, power supplies, nodes and network controllers, local rail modules, panel controls and indicators, and audio systems components.

EST Mobile

When it comes to facility management, every moment matters. That's why we've equipped our Edwards service providers with ESTMobile for iO systems, a digital solution that empowers them to access your needs remotely and streamline your service visits.

Modulaser Multi-channel aspirating smoke detector

Thanks to advanced features that make it virtually impervious to dust and dirt, ModuLaser is ideal for use in hostile environments. Forward scattering optical detection adds early warning capability without the risk of nuisance alarms, while exclusive environmental compensation technology adds a high degree of realiability to an already solid detection solution.

EST4 Mobile Training

We're excited to take EST Mobile Training "On the Road"

The Edwards Learning Center is pleased to take our EST4 Certification Course "On The Road". This blended course is comprised of the EST4 Introduction eLearning, and the full five-day instructor-led programming class.

Review the upcoming locations and dates below and contact your admin to register for the desired class. Please note that seating is limited to register early.

EST4 certification

Blended Learning

Interface with 4−LCD color touchscreen display, create device list, program, download and debug a multi-node EST4 system using the 4−CU Configuration Utility. The EST4 certification course consists of a precourse eLearning component and a five day instructor-led classroom training.

Firewalls meet the latest Advanced Encryption Standards.

EST4 Post Course Resources

Congratulations you are EST4 Certified. Now What?

Once you are certified, access our EST4 How-To Videos. Login using your Edwards Learning Center (ELC) credentials.

These tips and tricks reinforce the skills you learned in class and provide a great place to start when building your own project. We are always adding new content, so visit often to view the latest resources.


In compliance with NFPA 72 2022, Section 10.5.3: Inspection, Testing, and Service personnel, this course is comprised of the EST4 Introduction eLearning and the EST4 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Instructor-Led course. Participants identify objects using logical addressing; perform front panel operations; service and troubleshoot Signature devices and maps utilizing the Handheld Diagnostic Tool (HDT); and perform inspection, testing, and maintenance for an EST4 system.

EST3 certification

Blended Learning

Plan, program, download and debug an EST3 and EST3X network system using the EST3 System Definition Utility (3−SDU). The EST3 Series Technician Certification Course is comprised of: EST3 Series Introduction eLearning (precourse tutorial); Five days instructor−led classroom training and the EST3 MODCOM Self-Study eLearning (optional post course tutorial).

Basic Fire Sales & Applications with Edwards and Kidde

This webinar is custom tailored to broaden technical knowledge and enhance selling skills. Providing a foundation of core product knowledge, the workshop will enable your sales force to be more effective sales consultants and customize their sales strategies while driving sales results.

Edwards iO64 & iO1000


This eLearning focuses on the installation and configuration of the Edwards iO64 and iO1000 Intelligent/Addressable fire alarm systems. Participants focus on normal mode & off−normal mode operation; configuration of Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs), SA−DACT Dual−Line Digital communicator modules, SA−ETH Ethernet Interface Modules, and onboard relays; Class A or B loop operation; Signature Series sensors, modules, and CO detectors; and perform front panel operations including fire drill and walk test. eLearning certification is equivalent to Instructor-Led certification.



This blended course is comprised of the FireWorks Introduction eLearning and the FireWorks Instructor-Led course. Participants add, configure, and manage users and access levels; customize FireWorks operation; create and import custom graphics and CAD drawings; draw Touch Sensitive Areas (TSAs); assign points to maps; create commands and actions; add and connect to EST4, EST3, iO, and VESDA nodes; and configure Receiver Communication Manager (RCM).

Fireworks Network


This course is comprised of the Networking 101 eLearning and the FireWorks NetWork Instructor-Led classroom training. Participants install and configure FireWorks software and SQL database for redundant and non-redundant server applications connected to EST3 and EST4 systems. Other tasks include adding network clients, redundant database failover for client computer and prioritize command and control for users and access levels.

Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch Certification (MIES)


This blended course is comprised of the Networking 101 eLearning and the Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch (MIES) Instructor-Led course. Participants configure Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches for Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) using Cisco Network Administrator (CNA), Command Line Interface (CLI), and Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).



The VM certification course consists of a precourse eLearning component and a four day instructor-led classroom training. Program, download and debug a multi-node VM system with the Correlation Manager in the VM−CU configuration utility.

Kidde VS


This Assessment is part of the eLearning course which focuses on the installation and configuration of the Kidde VS1 and VS4 Intelligent/Addressable fire alarm systems. eLearning certification is equivalent to Instructor-Led certification.

Kidde FX-64 & FX-1000


This Assessment is part of the eLearning course which focuses on the installation and configuration of the FX−64 and FX−1000 Intelligent/Addressable fire alarm systems. eLearning certification is equivalent to Instructor-Led certification.

Kidde ESD Product Orientation


This eLearning course introduces the Kidde ESD products. The course covers addressable GSA series modules and KI series Optica detectors, Genesis LED appliances, power supplies and amplification, as well as mass notification speakers. Both the Kidde VS and VM intelligent addressable panels are discussed along with remote annunciators. Kidde System Builder (KQuote) a macro enabled spreadsheet supporting the Engineered System Distributor is presented for configuring Kidde VS and VM projects.


Instructor-Led Web

Customers worldwide rely on VESDA when business continuity is imperative, environments are challending, and time is required to ensure a safe and orderly evaculation.

Edwards is proud to offer our Strategic Partners a two-day VESDA certification course.

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ADRF In-Building Wireless Workshop
Start Date Location Seats
8/13/2024 Bradenton, Florida 6
ADRF-GROL Certification
Start Date Location Seats
10/1/2024 Bradenton, Florida 22
EST3 Series Certification
Start Date Location Seats
7/29/2024 Scottsdale, Arizona Full
8/19/2024 Bradenton, Florida 2
8/26/2024 Scottsdale, AZ Full
9/16/2024 Bradenton, Florida 11
Start Date Location Seats
9/4/2024 Scottsdale, Arizona 9
9/4/2024 Bradenton, Florida 10
EST4 Certification Course
Start Date Location Seats
7/29/2024 Bradenton, Florida Full
7/29/2024 Houston, Texas Full
8/12/2024 Toronto, Canada Full
8/12/2024 Bradenton, Florida Full
8/12/2024 Scottsdale, Arizona Full
8/19/2024 Toronto, Canada Full
9/9/2024 Scottsdale, Arizona 3
9/9/2024 Bradenton, Florida 2
9/16/2024 Honolulu, Hawaii 8
9/23/2024 Honolulu, Hawaii 10
9/23/2024 Bradenton, Florida 12
EST4 System Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Certification
Start Date Location Seats
8/6/2024 Bradenton, Florida 4
8/20/2024 Scottsdale, Arizona 12
FireWorks Certification
Start Date Location Seats
8/12/2024 Bradenton, Florida 3
9/16/2024 Scottsdale, Arizona 12
Kidde ES Basic Fire Sales & Applications
Start Date Location Seats
8/20/2024 Webinar Class 10
ModuLaser Certification
Start Date Location Seats
7/23/2024 Webinar Class Full
7/24/2024 Webinar Class Full
8/5/2024 Webinar Class 3
8/6/2024 Webinar Class 7
8/12/2024 Webinar Class 10
8/13/2024 Webinar Class 6
Modulaser Certification for LATAM
Start Date Location Seats
8/5/2024 Webinar Class 12
8/6/2024 Webinar Class 12
Service Business Development Webinar
Start Date Location Seats
7/30/2024 Webinar Class 7
VESDA Certification
Start Date Location Seats
8/14/2024 Webinar Class Full
8/19/2024 Webinar Class Full
8/28/2024 Webinar Class 4
9/4/2024 Webinar Class 10
VM-1 Certification
Start Date Location Seats
7/23/2024 Norfolk, Virginia Full
8/27/2024 Beford, Ohio 4
9/17/2024 Dallas, Texas 12
10/8/2024 Elk Grove Village, IL 12
EST4 Certification Course for LATAM
Start Date Location Seats
8/19/2024 Extrema, Brazil 3
9/2/2024 Santiago, Chile 8
9/9/2024 Mexico City, Mexico Full
9/23/2024 Bogota, Colombia 8
9/30/2024 Santa Cruz, Bolivia 6
Modulaser Certification for LATAM
Start Date Location Seats
7/30/2024 Mexico City, Mexico 8
VM Certification LATAM
Start Date Location Seats
8/20/2024 Mexico City, Mexico 5
9/24/2024 Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2