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Edwards ConnectedSafety+ — a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution — provides a secure, remote connection to Edwards EST4 intelligent fire and life safety systems. Learn how you can reduce site disruptions, and predict fire system maintenance by contacting us and requesting a free demo today.

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Edwards ConnectedSafety+ includes periphery devices—such as detectors and notification appliances—to enable an enhanced fire system experience and instantly provide a comprehensive view of connected sites.

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These features are designed to help your system safeguard people and property, while also providing a custom approach to management.


The Manager+ feature provides a single dashboard where you can view predictive maintenance, diagnostics and reports so you’ll have peace of mind that your facility is safe.



The Floorplan+ feature automatically associates fire system devices in the site's floorplan with the system configuration, allowing you to see a bird's eye view of your facility.


Once Floorplan+ has been optimized, technicians can conduct a guided inspection with the Inspection+ feature that shows pass or fail and device status, reduces overall inspection time for technicians, reduces labor needs and streamlines service visits.



The TechSupport+ feature offers a new level of customized, connected support. An Edwards support team will be able to view your connected site system during support calls, and assist with accelerating on-site issue resolution through a digitally optimized experience.

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